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Ultra Command & Sonar Systems, part of Ultra Group, is a UK based solutions provider and systems integrator operating in the Defence and Aerospace markets, delivering world leading products, solutions and services to national and international customers. These domains include:

Maritime: encompassing both new build and modernisation solutions for naval combat systems, combat management systems, electro-optical surveillance and tracking, weapon fire control, servo control and signature measurement solutions for both surface and sub-surface platforms.

Underwater Warfare: including our game changing naval Integrated Sonar System (ISS), hull mounted anti-submarine warfare sonar system,  towed array sonar systems, surface ship and submarine torpedo defence and countermeasures, and distributed anti-submarine warfare systems (Sonobuoys), including Multi-Static Active (MSA) technologies.

Land: comprising vision systems and turret servo control and the capability to implement improvements and upgrades across all electronic systems for armoured fighting vehicles.

C4ISR: providing deployable Air Command and Control and data link systems as well as complex surveillance and security solutions for maritime surface, underwater and land borders. 

Through-life support solutions: contractor logistics support, waterfront support, spares and inventory management, technology refresh of own and third party systems.


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