Investing in STEM


Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM)

Ultra is passionate about supporting the UK government’s Science, STEM initiative. This initiative is aimed at growing an awareness of STEM amongst school children and the general public with the end goal being to encourage more students to study STEM subjects. 

As part of the UK STEM Learning program Ultra's STEM Ambassadors engage with local schools to develop a series of events designed to assist schools in providing careers experience and guidance to students in line with the Gatsby Career Benchmarks.

These benchmarks are used to evaluate how schools support their students in making the right career choices for them. One of the ways schools can do this is to work with industry to ensure their students gain an understanding of the wide range of opportunities available to them, particularly in areas such as STEM when stereotypes are widely accepted by the general public.

Over the last few years Ultra's STEM Ambassadors have enabled students to participate in Engineering Challenges and visit unique STEM workplaces. Students are encouraged to find out more for themselves and given the opportunity to meet STEM role models.

Ultra believes that through STEM it can contribute to the future of UK industry and encouraging future generations is key.

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