C4ISR Capabilities & Products



Ultra develops world-leading innovative C4ISR solutions for the armed forces and civil agencies. Our specialist Command & Control capabilities support customers globally, enabling them to make informed and timely decisions

We offer integrated combat systems, communication and data distribution systems, air defence integration and situational awareness management systems for border and coastal security applications.


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C4ISR capabilities & products

Combat Management Systems (CMS)
Combat Management Systems (CMS) Image

Combat Management Systems

Ultra has developed OSIRIS®, a proven in-service combat and integrated mission solution which offers outstanding operational capability for navies and coastguards worldwide.

A highly capable, cost-effective capability which is both modular and scalable enabling effective and seamless integration of weapon systems, sensors (electro-optic, radar, navigation, meteorological, identification friend or foe, automatic identification system and electronic support measure), decoy systems and multi-function consoles, in order to ensure maximum operational effectiveness to combat the ever evolving threat.

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Submarine Weapon Interface Management Systems (SWIM)
Submarine Weapon Interface Management Systems (SWIM) Image

Submarine Weapon Interface Management Systems (SWIM)

Ultra provides the safety interlock between Combat Management Systems (CMS) and weapon handling and launch systems which are installed on Royal Navy submarines.

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Graytronics Marine Integrated Intercomms
Graytronics Marine Integrated Intercomms Image

Marine Integrated Comms

Ultra Electronics Graytronics ’Small Boat’ Intercoms Systems is a world leader in marine integrated communications and boat intercom systems. Specialist designed speech processors modify the audio signal to filter out wind turbulence and background noise providing excellent speech clarity in the most challenging conditions.

Customers include, Royal Navy Special Forces, HM Revenue & Customs, UK MoD & Metropolitan Police forces, Royal National Lifeboat Institute, Avon Fire & Rescue services, US Coastguard, French Maritime Nationale, German Special Forces Group, Polish Special Forces, Oman Special Forces, as well as navies & police forces worldwide. Ultra has provided these systems both directly to the End Users as well as boat builders (Zodiac, Brunswick, Berthon, Marine specialised Technologies ( MST) to name a few)

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Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI)
Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI) Image

Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI)

With more than 1,000 systems installed worldwide, the combat-proven ADSI® system remains unmatched in its ability to provide certified, reliable, tactical data link forwarding along with a robust Command & Control (C2) capability, now including digital air control.

The version 15 ADSI system significantly increases the warfighters’ interoperability with 32 simultaneous and dynamically reconfigurable data links—tested and reliable—with an increased track capacity of 16,000 tracks.

Most importantly, the completely revamped user interface greatly improves the entire ADSI user experience, from system configuration to system operation. Now, the system can be reconfigured without downtime. New configuration wizards safeguard the system from inadvertent operator error. Persistent system and interface status are shown graphically.

With its strict adherence to all relevant military standards , including the latest MIL-STD-6016D, the version 15 ADSI system ensures reliable interoperability.

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Border and Coastal Security
Border and Coastal Security Image

Border and Coastal Security

Ultra has developed an integrated suite of solutions to enable effective monitoring and protection of national borders, Ports and coastlines. 

Ultra’s Integrated Homeland Security System enables communication between all sensors, surveillance systems, C2 centres, ships aircraft and vehicles deployed on land, in the air and at sea.

The integrated system design ensures essential information is readily available, centrally, to enable Staff to easily and rapidly redeploy assets.

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