Electro-optical and Stabilised Systems


Electro-Optical and Stabilised Systems

Ultra is the UK's primary supplier of naval and maritime electro-optical (EO) systems. An international market leader with over one-hundred-and fifty systems supplied to navies, coastguards and marine police forces worldwide, including the UK Royal Navy.


These systems operate in all regions and climatic conditions, from arctic to tropical waters and are installed on all classes of vessel, from small patrol boats operating in coastal, offshore and EEZ patrol operations to major naval surface combatants, aircraft carriers and auxiliaries operating in littoral and blue water environments.

Ultra's EO system solutions cover a broad range of operational applications, from general surveillance and navigation to fire control. Ultra's systems feature high resolution video performance with extensive levels of automation with minimal operator intervention, simplifying operation throughout all stages of surveillance, detection, acquisition, tracking and engagement.

Ultra's EO systems employ the latest proven sensor and servo technologies and are configured from a common set of COTS / MOTS baseline modules. This modularity permits a system to be assembled to meet specific requirements without technical, delivery or price risk.

Modularity also simplifies training and maintenance thus reducing the costs of through-life-support, whilst the flexibility of configurations to meet specific applications allows systems to be interfaced easily with different command, control, tactical data and other ship systems.

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Electro-Optical and Stabilised Systems capabilities & products

Electro-optic and Fire Control Tracking
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Electro-optic and Fire Control Tracking

Ultra is the UK’s primary supplier of naval Electro-Optic (EO) surveillance and tracking and Fire Control Systems. With over 25 years’ experience in naval EO, Ultra has supplied over 150 systems to some 15 navies and coastguards worldwide, including the Royal Navy. 
Ultra provides precision EO tracking for gun calibres up to 127mm and gun fire control modes for naval surface, naval air and shore bombardment as well as high precision carrier aircraft landing systems. 

These proven in service systems feature high resolution video performance with extensive levels of automation with minimal operator intervention, simplifying operation throughout all stages of surveillance, detection, acquisition, tracking and engagement. 

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Fast Jet Landing Aids
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Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing (SRVL)

SRVL was developed by the UK Ministry of Defence to increase weapon and fuel “Bring Back” capability of the F-35B aircraft during Carrier operations. 

Ultra has developed and integrated an all-weather, day/night-capable Situation Awareness Aid (SAA) to assist the Landing Signal Officer (LSO) in guiding and making “GO / NO GO” decisions for aircraft executing the SRVL manoeuvre.

By applying Ultra’s proven electro-optic directors and Ultra developed software to provide glideslope and centreline tracking the Ultra SRVL system increases operational safety, preserves expensive munitions, as F-35B can recover with its unused weapons, and reduces fuel usage, engine wear and flight deck maintenance as the manoeuvre uses less thrust than a vertical landing.

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Specialist Cameras
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Specialist Cameras

Ultra is an established leader in the design and manufacture of ruggedised TV cameras for military applications.

Ultra has an extensive capability for the supply of military imaging sensors in the visual, IR and thermal wavebands. Both standard off-the-shelf and custom built specialised solutions can be provided for a range of fixed and mobile applications, from short to long range, utilising a range of sensor types to provide the best performance price ratio. 

Our sensors have provided reliable service in hostile environments worldwide, including operational theatres, for the past 20 years.

Ultra’s Land Electro-Optic (EO) surveillance sensors are used in EO systems for surveillance, situational awareness, tracking of airborne and surface targets, long-range target identification and night vision.

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Servo Controlled Platforms
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Servo Controlled Platforms

Ultra has extensive experience of designing and manufacturing high performance servo-controlled platforms and directors for use in many defence applications.

Ultra’s servo solutions are in service in a wide range of land, naval and airborne applications throughout the world.

Ultra offers a full design capability including the use of advanced modelling techniques to optimise servo control and stabilisation.  The use of the latest motor technology, accurate and reliable position reporting sensors and novel control technology ensures that a cost effective, high level of performance is achieved.

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