Signature Management


Signature Management


Signature Management

Ultra supplies signature management technology designed to operate in a naval environment.

Surface and submarine vessels are subject to numerous detection threats due to the signatures that emanate from them that include magnetic, electrical (UEP, ELFE), acoustic, pressure and seismic influences.

Current naval mines measure and exploit a vessel’s influences in combination with advanced digital signal processing techniques to generate a threat to the vessel.

The primary goal of signature management technology is to reduce the likelihood of detection and increase the chance of survival in the operational field.

There are three prime requirements for vessel signature management:

  • Vessel design for low signature vessel (stealth)
  • Signature optimisation
  • Threat assessment and prediction

A vessel may be designed by its construction and countermeasures such as Onboard Degaussing with regards to stealth.

Once built, the influence signature for every vessel will be different. This signature will change gradually over time depending on the vessel’s usage and transits made.  

Vessels with significant magnetic material component can also be subject to magnetic deperming treatment to control the signature through life.

In order to maintain a vessel’s signature within required levels at the threat depth, a knowledge of that vessel signature is required. This signature may be measured directly using a shallow multi-influence range or deep water range or alternatively inferred from knowledge of magnetic fields and electric hull potentials at or close to the vessel itself. ROV and AUV vehicles can be measured in a dedicated land range facility. The use of a modelling process enables signatures to be predicted at other locations and to calculate the threat worldwide.

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Signature Management capabilities & products

TRANSMAGplus Multi-influence - Acoustic, Electric and Magnetic Ranges
TRANSMAGplus Multi-influence - Acoustic, Electric and Magnetic Ranges Image

TRANSMAGplus Multi-influence - Acoustic, Electric and Magnetic Ranges

Ultra’s multi-influence range system is a solution to assess and reduce the risk of underwater mines to any maritime vessel.

The Magnetic, Electric (UEP), ELFE, Acoustic, Pressure, and Seismic signatures of the vessels are acquired, analysed and processed through Ultra’s proven TRANSMAG analysis and modelling software in order to assess the risk and then to protect the vessel in operation.

The range can be deployed with up to 16 sensors in fixed mode or as a portable system with 3 to 5 sensors using our diverless deployment method to reduce the installation and recovery time. Ultra range’s offer the highest levels of signature measurement accuracy in both modes combined with analysis software in service with Navies worldwide.

TRANSMAGplus - Training Mine
TRANSMAGplus - Training Mine Image

TRANSMAGplus - Training Mine

Ultra Electronics TRANSMAGplus Exercise and Training Mine solution can  be used for EOD diver training, mining and countermining training, vulnerability testing and target signature gathering for using in mine Target Setting Mode (TSM).

The TRANSMAGplus training mine utilises Ultra’s proven sensors and analysis software to offer the highest accuracy and reliability in an exercise and training mine providing the capability to simulate the latest generations of modern mines in a shorter and lighter package.

The TRANSMAG sensors are used by NATO and Commonwealth navies to measure and analyse multi-influence signatures. In the training mine system these sensors are packaged within a mine-shaped housing to provide a lightweight, easily deployed, product for use to train both divers and MCM crew.

The use of the modular sensing capability means that any underwater influence can be fitted and analysed. Magnetic, pressure and acoustic influences are provided as standard. Seismic and electric field are available as options. Electromagnetic bandwidths up to 3kHz and acoustic frequencies up to 100kHz are offered.

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Additional Signature Management Capabilities
Additional Signature Management Capabilities Image

Deep Water Acoustic Range (DWAR)

The Acoustic range for submarines consists of a set of acoustic sensors  (hydrophones) mounted in a vertical configuration. This vertical array allows the operator to perform acoustic measurements at different water depths in accordance with the operational navigation constraints of the submarine or surface ship in open water. An accurate acoustic positioning system is used in association with the measurement system, while beam steering improves signal to noise sensitivity.

Mine Clearance Sweep  

Ultra’s mine sweeping solution provides a USV which allows a wide range of Mine Setting Mode (MSM) and Target Setting Mode (TSM) influence capabilities, including a full 3 axis magnetic effect, acoustic and electric field intelligent mine neutralisation. The Sweep system has an open architecture, is modular and expandable, permitting further development to meet the demanding objectives of operational requirements.  The Ultra Sweep Evaluation Tool (USET) provides a proven sensor and software analytical capability, continually developed with our signature analysis and prediction expertise, and enabling optimum prediction performance.

ROV/AUV Range Capability

Ultra’s dedicated land based facilities are optimised to provide accurate signature measurement capability for regular testing of ROV and AUV platforms after refit and prior to deployment. Ultra has a track record covering many years in area of underwater vehicle range facilities.

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