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Command & Sonar Systems, part of the Ultra Electronics Group, is a specialist supplier of high-technology innovative solutions for customers worldwide. Ultra’s mindset is to set challenges, push the boundaries and deliver beyond expectations. To achieve this we combine the prized skills of our own technical, engineering and manufacturing teams with the best of world-class partners to create tailored customer solutions.
As a UK employee you are offered company paid life assurance and membership of a contributory pension scheme as part of UltraSelect, the Group's flexible benefits scheme. Each year Ultra offers a save as you earn scheme for all employees. UltraSelect offers important benefits flexibility for all UK employees by giving you the opportunity to consider how you wish to receive your benefits package from the company. Here, at Ultra, we understand that each employee has different needs and commitments and that these can change throughout the years. UltraSelect gives you the opportunity to reflect your own changing priorities each year in your benefits package. In addition, some of the benefits are income tax and National Insurance efficient which means that you get more money in your pay packet. 

Accelerate your engineering career

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Ultra Culture

We have identified four cultural behaviours which are highly valued and encouraged.
These are leadership, entrepreneurship, audacity and paranoia. Together they are known as LEAP:


  • determine the future direction and vision for the business
  • communicate inspirationally that future
  • inspiring and energising the business team, customers, suppliers and colleagues
  • stimulating an innovative culture to release creativity
  • enabling change to provide a greater and faster return to the business
  • encouraging the whole business to be entrepreneurial
  • seeking competitive advantage through the differentiation of offerings
  • ensuring competitions skewed in Ultra’s favour, while behaving ethically
  • seeking to enhance the offering by teaming either internally or externally
  • embrace innovation to inject rapid growth into the business
  • being daring or bold
  • thinking of the bigger picture or opportunity
  • being prepared to take a leap forward
  • considering risks and leaving no stone unturned to secure market opportunities
  • recognising threats and making it difficult for competitors to steal Ultra’s established position
  • constantly worrying about satisfying customers’ real needs
  • considering every possible angle when strategising bids to enhance Ultra’s competitive position
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Engaging with customers

Ultra’s LAUNCH is a behaviour which the Group has developed to facilitate customer engagement and relationship building.

L Listen to customers
A Ask the right questions 
U Understand what their ‘pain’ is
N identify the customers’ Needs; and get their agreement
C Create a relationship, opportunity and solution
H Holistic. Examine the bigger picture; how can Ultra maximise the scope and value of the opportunity?

LAUNCH is a way for Ultra’s businesses to generate long-term customer relationships which leads to a better pipeline of opportunities and so ultimately, enable growth.
LAUNCH is aligned with the Group’s approach to systems engineering and project management. This approach ensures Ultra understands the real needs of its customers.

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