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Command & Sonar Systems


Ultra provides systems and equipment for manned and unmanned armoured fighting vehicles which improves reliability and performance, whilst reducing the burden on the operators and maintainers.

TV Cameras/Sensors

Ultra is an established leader in the design and manufacture of ruggedised TV cameras for military applications. Ultra has an extensive capability for the supply of military imaging sensors in the visual, infrared and thermal wavebands.

Embedded Computing

Ultra designs and manufactures bespoke embedded computer systems from architecture and schematic capture to producing data packs for board manufacture.

Servo Controlled Systems

Ultra designs and builds commissioned servo controlled Directors and Stabilised Platforms for a range of military applications. Our platforms carry a single or an integrated package of sensors from electro optics day/low light and thermal imaging and advanced sensors, laser range finders, radar antennas and missiles. 

Vehicle Modernisation

In support of its worldwide client base, Ultra is able to provide comprehensive armoured fighting vehicle platform electronic systems upgrades to meet the demands and additional capabilities in a continuously changing environment.

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