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Command & Sonar Systems

Underwater Warfare

Ultra’s advanced underwater systems are developed to overcome the unique challenges of the undersea environment. The innovative solutions deliver dominance in the underwater battlespace, providing a critical operational advantage to its customers.

Surface Ship Sonar

For surface ship applications, Ultra has developed sonar systems that range from standalone Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) hull mounted and towed sonar installations to fully-integrated sonar suites, comprising hull mounted and towed arrays, off-board sensors and torpedo defence.

Airborne Sonar

Innovation in sonobuoys and airborne processing has enabled Ultra to develop state-of-the-art multi-static active solutions for the maritime patrol aircraft community.

Torpedo Countermeasures

Ultra provides a range of towed and expendable off-board acoustic countermeasure systems to ensure the survivability of ships and submarines in the face of advanced torpedo threats.

Through-Life Support

Through provision of help desk facilities from our UK base and the deployment of our fully qualified field engineers to strategic locations at home and overseas, Ultra has a comprehensive reactive service for all our MoD and commercial customers.

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