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Ultra Electronics Command & Sonar Systems is one of the world’s leading providers of sonobuoys, with its products spanning the entire spectrum of types and sizes. Driven by the increasing threat from modern, quiet submarines, which have become difficult to detect using conventional ASW techniques, our development efforts are focused on improving multi-static Anti-Submarine Warfare operations. This involves the deployment of a mixture of passive and active sonobuoys, and corresponding signal processing techniques.
Miniature Sonobuoys
Miniaturised sonobuoys are a key enabler to allow airborne ASW to be conducted by platforms that are sensitive to size and weight, such as unmanned fixed-wing and rotary-wing platforms. These buoy types provide a 40% volume and 30% weight reduction versus current active and passive buoys, providing for extended time on station.

  • Active Low Frequency Electro-Acoustic (ALFEA)
  • High Instantaneous Dynamic range Analysis and Recording (HIDAR)
  • Miniature ALFEA (G size) and miniature HIDAR
  • Command Active Multi-Beam Sonobuoy (CAMBS)
  • Low Frequency Analysis and Recording (LOFAR)

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