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Integrated Sonar System

Ultra’s modular Integrated Sonar System (ISS) delivers a fully integrated, flexible, networked Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) solution. This ground-breaking system is inherently designed to maximise the performance from its underwater sensors; all sensors (e.g. Hull Mounted Sonar, Variable Depth Sonar) are processed simultaneously as multiple-inputs to a single signal processing suite, rather than processing each sensor separately and fusing contacts. This delivers significant performance enhancements over traditional systems. Furthermore, the ISS is able to operate bi-statically by processing active sonar transmissions from the Hull Mounted Sonar via the receive array from the Variable Depth Sonar, and vice-versa providing enhanced coverage above and below the “layer”.

The ISS option can also include a multi-statics module that further increases its detection performance by allowing it to utilise off-board sensors, such as remotely deployable sensors, active and passive sonobuoys, as well as the active sonar transmissions from an ISS installed on a co-operating vessel.
The ISS is developed in accordance with the highest levels of open architecture standards and is a core component of Ultra’s software configurable sonar.

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